While placenta donation is not a new concept, it has become more popular and widely accepted as new medical uses are discovered. As briefly discussed in a previous post about the different types of Tides Medical Amniotic Tissue Products, the tissues that house and deliver nutrients and oxygen to the fetus while in utero is the placenta. This tissue produces layers of protection and growth factors for the baby that bind to receptors to activate the differentiation and proliferation of their cells. These properties are what led to the discovery of using amniotic tissue products for patient care once the tissue is no longer responsible for its initial purpose – growing a baby. In turn, pregnant women are carrying more than one miracle during pregnancy. Should you deliver by C-section, consider placenta donation to help treat the wounds of others. The remainder of this post will discuss the placenta donation process, its benefits, and the LOFT division of Tides Medical.

What is LOFT?

LOFT, Louisiana Organization for Transplant, is an internal division of Tides Medical that focuses exclusively on placenta donation. LOFT works with mothers, clinicians, and hospital staff to ensure all donations are handled respectfully under the strict guidelines of the FDA and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), to which they are accredited by. The AATB is the premier standard setting body that promotes the safe use of donated human tissue. LOFT works with the Tides’ Tissue Bank to test, process, and manufacture amniotic tissue products. LOFT is Louisiana-based and is currently leading the state in biotechnology careers. 

Your Placenta Donation Matters

We are often asked by women how their donation is beneficial to others. Once a baby is born, the placenta is no longer necessary and is often discarded. A single donated placenta can create amniotic tissue products that can be used to help treat multiple patients with chronic wounds. Amniotic tissue products can be applied by clinicians in an office setting following a simple preparation process. These skin substitutes or wound coverings can be used during surgical procedures, or to aid in treating diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

Rather than allowing your placenta to be discarded, you can donate with LOFT and impact the lives of others. Biologic companies like Tides Medical work with clinicians to provide access to amniotic tissue products that can be used to: 

  • Create skin substitute products for patients who have difficulty healing.
  • Provide advanced natural treatment options for patients, particularly for chronic wounds.
  • Make a real impact on another person’s quality of life. 

Your donation can make a difference! If you are considering donating your placenta with LOFT and would like more information, our FAQ page is an excellent resource. You can also contact them directly to get started today. info@2miracles.com | 337-504-7767.

The Placenta Donation Process:

The placenta donation process is easy and provides zero risk to both mother and baby. All costs are covered by Tides Medical. Below is a brief overview of the process.

  1. An expecting mother contacts LOFT to initiate the donation process and to confirm all requirements are met. Some requirements include but are not limited to mothers age (18+), expected to deliver at a gestational age of 32+ weeks, and have established prenatal care with an OB-GYN office. 
  2. A blood sample is obtained from the birth mother during a routine blood draw scheduled by the OB-GYN to test for various infectious diseases for the safety of the patients that may receive treatment from this donation. 
  3. LOFT remains in contact with the hospital to plan for donation. 
  4. During the C-section, a physician safely transfers the placenta to a trained LOFT professional who is present during the delivery at the hospital. 
  5. After delivery, the LOFT technician transports the donation directly to the tissue bank for processing. 

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Join us in our mission to revolutionize access to birth tissue technology! If you are interested in a career with Tides Medical or LOFT, contact us today.
*Currently registered with AATB and in good standing through March 2025