The use of amniotic tissue products have become a popular and widely accepted concept over the past decade. The first traces of its use date as far back as 1910 as a method used to treat burns. (Ref 1) Through donor programs, such as LOFT (Louisiana Organization For Transplant – a division of Tides Medical), access to placenta derived amniotic tissues are more readily available allowing for the expansion of safe, effective products that are able to serve a variety of clinical needs. LOFT works closely with Tides’ Tissue Bank on placenta acquisition processes and the manufacturing of birth tissue allografts. For more information on LOFT and how the placenta donation process works, click here.

What are amniotic tissue products?

The placenta is the source of life to a growing fetus. It is the tissue that connects the baby to the mother in utero, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the fetus (Ref 2). This tissue contains multiple layers (amnion and chorion) that protect the baby (Ref 3) and contain growth factors and components that have led to the power of birth tissue technology (Ref 4). Along with growth factors which are proteins that bind to receptors on cell surfaces to activate cellular differentiation and/or proliferation, elements of these layers contain antibacterial properties. When the body is lacking in these proteins due to injury, immuno-compromised patients, or any other medical reason, the progression of a wound to healed state is hindered, and they manifest as chronic wounds or ulcers. This is where amniotic tissue products have demonstrated beneficial. Over the years, amniotic tissue companies have developed advanced processing methods to enhance amniotic tissue efficacy, increased shelf life, preservation methods and more. At Tides Medical® our mission is to ultimately expand access to the regenerative power of birth tissue technology. 

Tides Medical® Amniotic Tissue Products

Tides offers a comprehensive array of amniotic tissue products made up of dual-layer amniotic membranes that are designed with customers and specific applications in mind. Applications extend from in-office chronic wound treatments to acute surgical wound closures. Our quality products are all strong, easy to apply, flexible, and reimbursable.    

  1. Artacent AC – this skin substitute graft is three times stronger and two times thicker. It is a strong, tri-layer that is a very versatile wound covering option for patients with diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, Mohs Surgery, Venous Stasis Ulcers. Click here for part numbers and patch sizes. 
  2. Artacent Flex – this is a Tides high quality human amniotic tissue graft that is also dual layered. It allows for a bilateral application making it very easy to manipulate and reposition as necessary. It does not require sutures and remains in place. This product is ideal for surgical procedures such as Orthopedic, spinal urological, vascular, ophthalmic, plastic, colorectal and other general surgeries. Click here for part numbers and patch sizes. 
  3. Artacent Connect – This tissue is specifically designed with connection in mind. It protects, connects, binds and supports. Its connective tissues are ideal for various surgical procedures and can be used as a barrier to protect a site prone to adhesions, protect a surgical site, and protect a void or defect with a native ECM. Artacent connect is excellent in orthopedics, sports medicine, wounds and general surgery. Click here for part numbers and patch sizes. 
  4. Artacent Ocular – this amniotic tissue wound covering is unique in that it is designed for use in the eye. It can be placed on either side facing the wound and stays put not requiring any sutures. Comfort is a focus for this product. Artacent Ocular is free of rigid or foreign substances that could make it uncomfortable in such a sensitive area. Some of the many uses include but are not limited to dry eye syndrome, infectious Keratitis, Corneal Ulcers, Chemical burns and more. Click here for part numbers, patch sizes and other common uses for patients. 
  5. Amnioheal Plus – This product is a high quality amniotic tissue graft designed to treat wounds in various surgical applications. It has ample inventory options and overnight shipping. It is ideal for Diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and burns, and surgical applications such as podiatric, spinal, colorectal, general surgery and more. Click here for part numbers and patch sizes. 

At Tides Medical® we focus on putting people first and expanding access to these revolutionary products. Learn more about our Mission, Vision & Core Values here. You can also view real world data supporting positive outcomes using our products through a series of case studies here. If you have questions about any Tides products or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.