Who is Tides Medical?

At Tides Medical, we are proud to be a homegrown biotechnology business based in Lafayette Louisana. Our mission is to revolutionize access to the regenerative power of birth tissue technology. Our vision is to eliminate pain and suffering caused by chronic soft tissue conditions. At Tides, we stand on four core values: 

  1. Put patients first – the patient is at the heart of every decision made from acquisition to end product support. We deliver products and provide a service that is impactful and strive to make a real difference by making these products more accessible to patients everywhere without ever compromising patient safety. 
  2. Play the long game – we strive for long term thinking to be our motivation. While taking action to solve today’s challenges, we strive to meet tomorrow’s needs. We value the long-term relationships with both customers and partners and never compromise integrity. 
  3. The best idea wins – At Tides Medical, every voice matters. The business as a whole is encouraged to ask questions and collaborate on developing Tides solutions to any challenges that present themselves. We are all working towards one goal and one vision and understand that ego must be out the window to get there. We all support and execute on the best presented and collaborated upon ideas. 
  4. Deliver over the top service – Customer service is huge at Tides – We are a service company with a portfolio of great technology, not the other way around!

What Exactly Does Tides Medical Do?

At Tides Medical we make advanced skin substitutes available to patients who need them through revolutionizing access to the regenerative power or birth tissue technology. We source and acquire donated placentas and use them to manufacture coverings for challenging and complex wounds. We also support physicians through the complex reimbursement process. Below you can find more details on each step of the process.

Step 1: Placenta Acquisition

Birth mothers who have planned C-sections donate their placentas through Louisiana Organization for Transplant (LOFT), a division of Tides Medical. LOFT manages the donation process ensuring the birth tissue is treated with care and responsibility. To ensure final product safety, donors undergo a series of tests, supervised by their OB-GYN. LOFT works closely with the Tide’s Tissue Bank to process and manufacture the birth tissue, which takes us to step 2. Note: Career opportunities for this step of the process – we are always seeking out acquisition technicians. 

Step 2: Process & Manufacture

The Tides Tissue Bank, located in Lafayette, LA processes and sterilizes the tissue to manufacture a wide variety of high-quality amniotic tissue grafts in compliance with applicable regulations and FDA guidance, and the rigorous standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Note: Career opportunities for this step of the process – we are always seeking out processing technicians!

Step 3: Distribute

Our nationwide network of sales professionals work with customers to match patients in need of grafts for chronic wounds and various surgical procedures with the correct product. Tides maintains ample inventory options and offers overnight shipping to deliver products when and where they are needed. 

Step 4: Provide

In the physician’s office or hospital setting, our products can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years from the date of manufacturing. They are easy to apply and can be placed on either side facing the wound. Our grafts do not require sutures and remain in place when applied. Learn more about the specific product lines currently available by Tides here.

Step 5: Support

Our expert service team stands ready to support customers throughout the coverage and reimbursement process. Tides prides itself on providing friendly, responsive, and timely in-house service. Advanced products – Expert Service. This is the expert service portion of our tagline. Our reimbursement team has been described as “the standard” for what our customers have come to know and enjoy. You can do what you do best – treat patients in need – while we provide speedy insurance verification times. 

Tides Medical Testimonials

Love What You Do

At Tides Medical, we love what we do. With the solid team we have behind us, there is no limit to the growth and impact we can make within this industry. The work we do truly makes a difference in the lives of others. We provide a team-based, supportive atmosphere designed to attract and retain talented, hard-working individuals looking for long term careers with a fast-growing company.

We are always looking to grow members of our team to join the Tides Family. If you have not heard about Tides, we invite you to follow us on social media, check out more of our website as well as current job openings to see what Tides Medical is all about.