About Us

Tides Medical is committed to bringing the latest products in regenerative medicine, such as amniotic tissue grafts, to market. Our biologic products are at the forefront of tissue-based innovation, bringing powerful products that provide a spectrum of treatment options to our doctors and patients.

Our focus is on providing patients with safe, effective therapies, physicians with reliable surgical products, and distributors and hospitals with dependable product delivery and personalized service. Tides Medical products have proven track records of safety and efficacy through our AATB certified manufacturing facility.

Some of the Key Differentiators that Set Us Apart Are:
  • Products that are easy to use and effective.
  • Vertically integrated tissue bank and distribution network with robust quality systems and quality control through entire process, from tissue collection through distribution to the end user.
  • Customer-focused. We are not just a tissue bank. We are a customer service company that built a tissue bank and regenerative medicine manufacturing facility. 
  • Educated, seasoned sales representatives.
  • Heavy investments in clinical studies.
  • Reimbursement support.