Tides Medical started with the goal to create a unique company, one with personality and heart. One with a mindset and purpose that reflects something of importance that leaves a positive footprint. We understand that corporate culture starts from the top and we strive to create a company culture that defines shared attitudes, standards, and behaviors – a true company personality. 

As we grow, we have made a promise to not adopt other cultures but to instead build our very own. After all, our culture is what creates our day-to-day experience as a Tides team and what sets us apart in our industry and motivates us to reach our purpose. 

The Tides Promise: Our Culture Pillars


Tides is a biologic skin graft company that is driven by a dedicated purpose to lessen the societal impact of chronic wounds. We have made it our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of patients across the nation while assisting in shaping the future of healthcare in our backyard and beyond. We meet this pillar by focusing on precision and meeting all FDA & AATB standards and with R&D investment and expansion at home.

“I am involved in at least one of the many stages necessary for a donation to become a graft that are used to treat patients…being even a small part of their treatment plan is a wholesome feeling.” – Alyson, Manufacturing Technician


We are a thriving biologic skin graft company that adapts to internal growth and external challenges. Our roots are planted firmly in our values and culture. We invest in the advancement of science and in the future of the Tides team and provide job opportunities in an emerging industry that improves the lives of patients and our employees. We encourage ideas and a creative atmosphere and are always open to change. 

“Our company has grown leaps and bounds in the last 9+ years that I’ve been here, and I can honestly say that without adaptability and willingness to pivot when faced with challenges, we wouldn’t be where we are today. -Natalie, Talent Acquisition Brand Partner


Optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm! We believe that every employee has the power to be heard, the freedom to express their ideas, and the ability to leave their fingerprint on the world. Spirit to Tides looks like collaboration and open-mindedness. We make sure we always celebrate wins and bond through our imperfections. 

“We problem solve, communicate hurdles, pick up the paddle and row the boat in the same direction – essentially, we hold each other accountable to contributing to our mission.

As a company we’re in the fortunate position to help improve lives; as individuals we are inspired to do the same thing independently. It’s bigger than Tides and we recognize the importance of staying true to our values, so employees have a chance to make a difference in the world.” -Andrew, Human Resources Generalist


We are passionate about our service mindset. We serve the needs of our colleagues, customers, and community with tenacity. As a part of the team, you get to work with people who have a can-do attitude and who are committed to supporting our community through their time, talent, and treasures. 

“One of my favorite quotes is ‘Your attitude determines your altitude.’ That’s something I try to live out each day because positivity is contagious, and it helps to cultivate the right environment for teams to thrive!” -Katie, Corporate Account Manager

To us, it’s more than a job. Tides employees get the satisfaction of knowing the work they do makes a positive difference in the lives of others. 

If you are seeking a unique opportunity with a biologic skin graft company like Tides – we encourage you to look at our current open positions. Join our team!