Limb salvage is any medical procedure used to save a limb (foot, leg, etc. – usually one of the lower extremities), that is a very high risk for amputation. The reason for amputation risk can be from many different reasons including, but not limited to injury/trauma, diabetes, bone cancer and more. The ultimate goal of a limb salvage case is to restore the patient’s wound, removing the need for amputation. At minimum, limb salvage would strive to maintain stability and/or the ability to walk. 

Tides Medical has created a comprehensive array of biological products that meet the highest standard for safety and reliability. These amniotic tissue grafts are able to be applied in office rather than through a surgical procedure and offer numerous benefits to patients. The video below highlights how Tides Medical Artacent Wound graft was used successfully in a limb salvage case of patient Elijah Reeves. (Partial Transcription below). 

If you are a patient seeking other options instead of amputation as Elijah was, ask your physician or doctor about amniotic wound grafts to see if you would be a suitable candidate. If you are a physician or doctor, please contact us for more information on Tides Medical line of products. 

Elijah: I’m Elijah Reeves, I’m 14, from Somerset, Ohio. I like to hunt, fish, and hang out with my friends. When I was around 13 years old, I went to change weights when lifting weights with friends and the weight slipped out of my hand and fell about two feet onto my big toe. It just kept getting worse and worse and they couldn’t do anything to help me. My mom was nervous and looked for better doctors. Someone told us about Dr. Hewitt, so we came here and that day she started working on it. 

Dr. Hewitt: I love Eli and his family, he really kind of became part of our family here at Foot and Ankle Physicians of Ohio. He was initially brought to my office by his mother, who is actually a nurse and after being seen by multiple specialists they were told that there wasn’t really any hope for his toe and he would need an amputation. Being a young middle schooler who is active in football and baseball who loves to hunt and play sports, his mother tried one last chance to see if there were any other options for him and that’s how they ended up in my office. When I saw them, it was clear that it was a limb salvage case where chances were against us that we were going to be able to save that toe. 

Elijah: I was a little nervous at first. It was my toe and I didn’t know there was much you could do to a toe to make it reform but she showed me that she could and it made me happy. 

Dr. Hewitt: We saved Eli’s toe by the use of Artacent Wound grafting and good wound care techniques and now Eli is actually able to participate in high school sports and hunt. I work in a really busy private practice like most of us do, and I completely believe in the science behind amniotic grafts and I certainly see them as very effective to my patients. Ten years ago, the grafts we put on in the office would have had to be put on in an operating room. Now we can do that same procedure in the office and it’s far more convenient and comfortable for patients. The reason why I choose Artacent Wound is because Tides Medical has really invested back into the research and shown the efficacy of these grafts. Artacent Wound is manufactured by Tides where they have an on-site acquisition and manufacturing plant on site in Louisiana.

Thanks to the reimbursement team at Tides Medical, it really takes all the work off my office so we are able to just provide good patient care to patients and allow them to have access to these grafts.