Brief Overview of MACs & Why They’re Important

MACs serve as the operational contact between Medicare’s FFS program and healthcare providers enrolled within the program. They operate across different regions and states and are responsible for administering claims for Medicare Part A and Part B. MACs are, in short, the middleman between health care providers and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. MACs are responsible for conducting audits and educating healthcare providers. They determine what services needed may be covered and essentially handle the entire payment side of the FFS program. 

MACs play an important role in determining which services are considered reasonable and necessary, and ensuring that providers get paid appropriately.

Tides Reimbursement Services

Tides Medical has expert support staff available to help healthcare providers navigate the complex reimbursement process. Our full range of reimbursement support services allows you to focus on what you do best. All you need to do is submit a patient intake form and our full-time dedicated team of experts help with: 

-Coverage & Coding Help
-Benefits Verification
-Prior Authorization/Predetermination
-Out of pocket costs
-Claims support. 

FRM Services include: 

-Staff onboarding & training
-Payer policy review & education
-Reimbursement support for your geographic region
-Claims support
-Reimbursement reviews

If you have any questions about Tides Medical amniotic tissue products or the reimbursement process, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our goal is to make these advanced products available to all patients through their health care providers. Our expert service strives to remove any barrier that may prevent patients from receiving the full range of treatment they deserve.