what is LOFT?

the smallest gift. the biggest difference.

Tides Medical® created the Louisiana Organization for Transplant (LOFT) as an internal division focused exclusively on placenta acquisition. LOFT is responsible for managing the donation process and ensuring that the gift of birth tissue is treated with the appropriate level of care and responsibility. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, LOFT works closely with Tides’ Tissue Bank to process and manufacture birth tissue allografts.

1,000+ donations received

Zero risk to mother or baby


you’re carrying more than one miracle

Did you know you can donate your placenta?

If you expect to have a C-section, consider donating your placenta to help others. The process is simple, safe, voluntary, free and poses no risk to mother or baby.

the opportunity to make a difference.

Why should I donate?

After your baby is born, the placenta is no longer needed and is usually discarded. LOFT was created to secure these tissues in order to create biologic products that can be used to treat patients with a variety of medical needs. In fact, a single donated placenta can help up to 100 people.

your donation matters.

How is my donation beneficial to others?

Instead of allowing your placenta to be discarded, you can donate it through LOFT to help make a difference in the lives of others. The biologic products made from donated placentas can be used to:


  • Treat patients with difficult-to-heal wounds
  • Provide clinicians with an advanced natural treatment option for their patients
  • Make a real impact on another person’s quality of life

“The LOFT Team is very personable and memorable! It was important to me to honor my previous loss and LOFT granted me the opportunity to do just that. LOFT transformed an experience of loss into a beautiful and positive experience with the gift of donation. Donating helped me heal emotionally. Now, my newborn son and I have the potential to impact others who are dealing with their own difficulties healing.”


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Trust LOFT and Tides with your gift of donation

Tides is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks* in every aspect of birth tissue, from donation through transplantation. Established in 2016, LOFT takes pride in providing outstanding customer service to mothers, physicians, and hospital staff.

All medical information and confidentiality rights released with your consent shall be protected by Tides in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Want to learn more?

If you still have questions or want to learn more, visit our frequently asked questions page.

*Currently registered and in good standing through March 2025.