Amniotic tissue products are biological materials derived from the innermost layer of the placenta, known as the amnion, which surrounds and protects the developing fetus during pregnancy. These amniotic tissue products, such as amniotic membrane, are used in various medical and surgical applications, including wound care, ophthalmology, and orthopedics. 

There are some common myths and misconceptions associated with these products. If you have any questions about Tides Medical or our advanced amniotic tissue products, contact us for more information and/or an in-depth review of available products. 

Amniotic Tissue Products – some of the most common myths and misconceptions:

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products contain live stem cells.

Fact: Amniotic tissue products are typically processed to remove living cells, including stem cells. They are considered acellular, meaning they do not contain viable cells.

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products have immediate regenerative properties.

Fact: While amniotic tissue products can support tissue repair and reduce inflammation, they do not provide instantaneous regeneration. The treatment process takes time, and multiple treatments may be needed for significant improvements.

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products are not FDA-regulated.

Fact: In the United States, amniotic tissue products are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as human cell and tissue products (HCT/Ps). All Tides Medical products meet the highest standards in compliance with applicable regulations and FDA guidance, including the rigorous standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks* (AATB®). 

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products are a cure-all for various medical conditions.

Fact: Amniotic tissue products can be beneficial in many clinical situations, but they are not a universal remedy. Their efficacy depends on the specific condition and individual patient factors. Physicians and patients work together to determine if the patient is a good candidate for amniotic tissue graft products. 

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products can replace the need for surgery.

Fact: While these products can reduce the need for invasive procedures in some cases, they cannot entirely replace necessary surgical interventions when required. 

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products have a high risk of rejection.

Fact: Some amniotic tissue products are processed to reduce immunogenicity, making them less likely to provoke an immune response or rejection by the recipient’s body.

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products are only used in cosmetic procedures.

Fact: While they are sometimes used in cosmetic applications, amniotic tissue products have a wide range of medical uses, including wound site coverings, ophthalmology, and orthopedics.

  1. Myth: Amniotic tissue products have not been scientifically proven to be effective.

Fact: There is a growing volume of scientific research supporting the effectiveness of amniotic tissue products in various clinical applications. However, their efficacy may vary depending on the specific condition.

Tides Medical is a strong believer in educating about how amniotic tissue products work while providing expert service along the way. Our goal is to remove barriers that may prevent patients from accessing the full range of treatment options they deserve, and we take that challenge personally. If you have any questions about our products or amniotic tissue graft productions in general, we would be happy to provide the facts!