how it works.


Birth mothers who have planned C-sections donate their placentas through Louisiana Organization for Transplant (LOFT), a division of Tides Medical. To ensure final product safety, donors undergo a series of tests, supervised by their OB-GYN, to confirm the donation meets all safety requirements/standards.


Our in-house LOFT team acquires and transports donated placental tissue to our tissue bank located in Lafayette, Louisiana, where it is aseptically processed in an ISO Class 6 Cleanroom and terminally sterilized with radiation.


The Tides Tissue Bank manufactures a wide variety of high-quality amniotic tissue grafts in compliance with applicable regulations and FDA guidance, and the rigorous standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB®)*.


Our nationwide network of sales professionals work with customers to match patients in need of grafts for chronic wounds and various surgical procedures with the correct product. Tides maintains ample inventory options and offers overnight shipping to deliver products when and where they are needed.


In the physician’s office or hospital setting, our products can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years from the date of manufacturing. They are easy to apply and can placed on either side facing the wound. Our grafts do not require sutures and remain in place when applied.


Our expert service team stands ready to support customers throughout the coverage and reimbursement process. Tides prides itself on providing friendly, responsive, and timely
in-house service.

Ensure Access

Tides works to provide advanced products and expert service so patients can access the care that they need and deserve.