AmnioHeal® Plus

AmnioHeal Plus is a dual-layered, safe, and effective amniotic tissue graft. Bilateral application allows for easy manipulation and repositioning, and its dry properties simplify shipping, storage and handling.

Chronic Wounds as a Wound Covering
  •  Diabetic Ulcers
  •  Pressure Ulcers
  •  Venous Stasis Ulcers
  •  Burns
Surgical Applications
  •  Podiatric
  •  Urological
  •  Spinal
  •  Plastic/Reconstructive
  •  Vascular
  •  Orthopedic
  •  Ophthalmic
  •  Colorectal
  •  General Surgery

Key Benefits of AmnioHeal Plus
  •  Dual layering of amniotic tissue
  •  Ability to place either side facing the wound.
  •  Stores dry at room temperature rather than cryopreservation.
  •  Readily adheres to wound surface without requiring sutures.
  •  Repositionable design reverts to original shape when placed in saline.