Tides Medical, a leader in Birth Tissue Technology, is proud to announce it has achieved additional accreditations by the American Association of Tissue Banks® (AATB®). Tides Medical is now accredited for Donor Eligibility Assessment, Acquisition, Processing, Release, Storage, and Distribution of Birth Tissue for Transplantation. Tides Medical is one of the only tissue banks accredited by the AATB® for Acquisition, Processing, Release, Storage, and Distribution of Birth Tissue. The company opened its Tissue Bank in February 2016 in Lafayette, LA, followed shortly by the announcement of the formation of the Louisiana Organization for Transplant in January 2017.

Tides Medical is continuing to live up to rigorous quality and safety standards as this is their second certification by the AATB® already having been accredited for Storage and Distribution of Musculoskeletal Tissue.

“With this milestone, we demonstrate that we are 100% committed to leading the industry in quality and safety,” states Joe Spell, CEO.

John Fisher, Vice President of Tissue Banking Operations, states, “We could not have achieved this rigorous standard without the hard work and dedication of our staff, the generosity of the donors, and the support of our partners.”

In the coming year, Tides Medical will continue with a large, multi-center, randomized controlled trial comparing Artacent Wound to standard-of-care treatment for diabetic and venous stasis ulcers.